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Stroderd GPS Firm is committed to assisting auto dealers in the Subprime Automobile Finance  market by providing innovative GPS tracking devices and service. Trust our GPS products to help your car dealership or finance company achieve higher net profits by lowering skips and repossessions.
Starter Enable/Disable
Owners can send a command to prevent the vehicle from being started at any time. This allows owners to regain control of their vehicle and prevent damage from happening. The vehicle will not disable while in motion.
On-Demand Locating
This feature allows owners at any time to quickly and easily locate their vehicle by simply logging on to the website and pressing the 'Locate' button.
Set Stop Report
Set stop reporting. A violation alert will be reported if the vehicle has remained in the same location for the selected value. The device will automatically send a "Stop Report" alert every seven days if the vehicle has not changed position/moved while in the "Off" setting. 
Set Drive Report
Set drive reporting. A violation alert will be reported when your vehicle moves. (Works in 2,5, &10 minute alerts)
Set-up geofences which are imaginary boundaries around an address. This feature allows you to know the location of the vehicle and alert you to that location for payment collection or repossession purposes. You have 6 geofences to choose from. (3 INTO & 3 OUTSIDE)
Daily Location Report
The Goldstar GPS device will automatically report vehicle location once per day. This location update is stored in the vehicle history and does not deduct locates from a user’s account.
GoldStar's patented trakSMS™ feature allows users to communicate directly with their GPS unit using the text message function of any cell phone. Users receive the immediate address, speed and direction the unit is heading and is able to send additional commands to lock/unlock doors and disable/enable the starter.
Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
Customizable alerts set by the user allow users to receive a text message and/or e-mail notifying them when the unit is in motion, if the vehicle is speeding and if it has left one of the six customizable geo-fences (which are invisible boundaries set by the user).
Optional GPS Features:
*Back up battery
You will be notified by email or text if the unit loses power or has been tampered with. (You will also have an additional 7 hrs of battery to locate unit)
*Warning buzzer
You can create an audible noise inside the vehicle to notify the consumer of payment
Cable that connects to the backside of the OBD Port for easier access to install the unit inside the vehicle
*Additional cost may apply for optional features
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