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“We Turn B, C, and D Credit into "A" Credit Risk!”
*LFA Member
*LIADA Member
*Approved to  handle  Collateral Loans
 Finance Service Package
We are committed to offering the most comprehensive service available to the marketplace. Our Financial Service package is designed to help manage your account and make your business more productive and efficient. Doing business with over 200+ auto dealers in the market place gives us a distinct advantage to being able to provide a high level of service.

 Account Management                                         
*Set up online account
*In store training
*Provide approved customer GPS Disclosure
Customer Management
*Edit customer's information into account
*Local face to face customer service
*Set up radius around location for potential
Installation Managment
*Communicate with dealer to arrange install procedure.
*All units will be verified prior to delivery of the vehicle by testing the units for proper installation.
*Will fax or email confirmation to finance company for funding purposes.
How can Finance Companies benefit from using GPS Device's?
GPS devices are a proven product! You can not only track/interrupt your asset as it hits the road but this is truly your only form of communication with the customer when you can no longer contact them. 
Does your GPS work everywhere?
No, GPS works like your cell phone. We use cellular carriers to relay information the same way your phone works. We use two carriers in Louisiana, T-Mobile & AT&T. Having access to two carriers makes a world of difference. 
Why do you offer a Finance Service Package?
We felt there was a huge need for the installation support for finance companies using GPS or any starter interrupt systems. The reality is that most companies don't have the personnel to handle the demands for using GPS "the proper way".
Does all GPS distributors offer this service?
Absolutely not, this service is something we chose to offer due to the demands of the market place. We have established relationships with most install locations around Louisiana and Mississippi. We feel that this level of service was the missing link for our industry. 
Do you charge for any additional services, locates, fee's, etc?
No, we charge for only the device hardware. Only other fee's will be shipping and handling and COD ($9.00) charge upon delivery.
How long does it take to set up and get started?
Not long at all, being that we do business all over the state, we typically have install facilities already set up. We will train your employees (1-2 hrs) on how to use the website. NO SOFTWARE SET UP OR COST! We will return to do a 2nd training 30 days post launch to assure user knowledge of site.
What if I have multiple locations?
No problem, our website and team is designed and capable of handling multiple locations. We will set up each store as if it stood alone. 
Do you have any references that I could speak with?
100%, please email us at info@stroderdgpsfirm and we will send you 5 business references to speak with.
To get started call now 877.408.0244
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