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How can GPS Monitoring help my business?
GPS Tracking is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their trucks, vehicles, and equipment. GPS technology is becoming the standard in all fleet management and allows fleet managers the ability to conduct tracking affordable and efficient.
 GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits
  • Reduce rising fleet expenses                                            
  • Raises fleet efficiency
  • Reduce excess use of fuel
  • Reduce car and truck operating costs
  • Reduce time spent at unauthorized locations
  • Provide automatic wireless download of historical data
  • Allows car and truck drivers to take vehicle home
  • Locate where your cars and trucks have been anytime, anywhere
  • Pinpont closest vehicle to location of residence or business location

How does the initial set up and cost of the units work?
The GPS units can be purchased or leased. The only fee's that apply besides the cost of the units is the monitoring fee's. Monitoring fee's range from $20-$30.00 per unit, per month. NO SOFTWARE NEEDED, INTERNET ACCESS ONLY.
What does the GPS monitor and how often?
The GPS Units monitor's every 1 minute, 2 minute, or 5 minutes. Your choice! The GPS monitors all movements, stops, idle's, speeds, mileage, etc. We have plenty of  available reports to choose from.
How can I be alerted from the GPS Device?
A couple of ways. If an alert (Speeding, Geo fence, movement, etc) has been triggered, it will notify you via text or email. Reports can be automated and sent to any email address once a day, once a week or once a month. You can also pull any report at anytime you would like. 
How does the installation process work?
We will handle having the units installed in the vehicles. We have or own install team that will come to you or we will use an install facility close to your location.
Do my employees have to know that the (GPS) are in the vehicle?
No, the units are installed non visible to the driver (Stealth). The installation process takes about 30 minutes to 1 hr per install. 
Where will the GPS  unit work?
The GPS tracking device will work in the US, Canada and Mexico (special pricing and activation needed for Canada and Mexico use).
What can I expect from Stroderd GPS Firm?
We will handle the initial set up and installation of the units. We will also train employees using the site (1-2hrs). Post set up and install, our firm will be available at anytime for questions or support. All questions are handled in Lafayette office.
Any other questions, please email us at
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